How to match your hair color to look brighter and younger

We will tell you what aspects of appearance must be taken into account when choosing a staining color. To get additional details, view here: hair color numbers


Knowing your skin tone and color type can make life surprisingly easier when it comes to coloring or updating make-up habits. Skin tone (the division into cold, warm and neutral is considered a classic) is what is always with you: with a tan in hot summer or in winter with its inevitable pallor.


Color type is a complex characteristic of your image, which consists of a palette of skin tones, hair, eye color. It is the belonging to one of the tones or color types that determines the fact that not all coloring options will suit you. We figure out how not to get confused in all the variety of color palettes and choose the perfect combination for ourselves.


How to define palette based on skin tone


To do this, you should first clean your skin and choose the right lighting: sit in front of a window or outdoors, preferably under the sun, so that not a single ray of artificial light spoils your research.


The first method is quite simple: take a close look at the color of the veins that appear on the inside of your wrist. If it is difficult to decide on a color, then most likely you are the owner of a neutral tone (especially if you have olive skin). Neutrality gives you every right to fearlessly try any color palette you like. Green favors warm skin tones, while blue or violet favors cold.


It will be ideal if you set the skin tone in the area behind the auricle: yellowish indicates a warm tone, while pinkish or pink indicates a cold tone. If it is difficult to determine here, you can use white paper and evaluate the color of the skin by contrast.

Shades of blond

Blond with a light blue will perfectly complement the skin of a cold tone with a reddish tint. Its owners can also try the pink blond that is popular today: the last word in this trend is behind the metallic sheen.


Warm variations of blond are the right choice for cold skin tones with a shade of blue: for him, the palette can include gold, caramel, amber, honey. Honey and caramel blondes are also good for olive and neutral skin


In the case of a pronounced warm tone, it is not recommended to choose warm shades of blond: this can turn into unpleasant yellowness. The original choice for a neutral tone is peach blond, which is especially popular with celebrities.

Shades of brown

Chestnut, mocha, dark chocolate, dark chestnut - nature has reserved these juicy shades for girls with a warm skin tone. If there is a hint of yellow in it, then the cool brown shades will add brightness to the skin. Golden brown, honey, amber are perfect for owners of medium-warm skin tone.

Shades of red

Cool reds - burgundy and pure reds  - are perfect for pairing with cool skin tones with a red undertone. The bluish red color palette of your hair will pleasantly highlight the face and prevent the unwanted effects of blush and red face.


Warm reds blend harmoniously with neutral and fair skin tones - from strawberry blonde to copper. When staining red, do not forget to stock up on special shampoo and rinse to maintain color saturation over time.